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First up, ask yourself these important questions: Is buying right for me? How much home can I afford? What type of home will keep me happy?

Switching from rent to having a mortgage offers great benefits. However, you’ll also need to pay careful and closer attention to your budget, payments and interest rate.

Getting "pre-qualified" will tell you how much you can borrow and make it easier for you to make an offer as soon as you find the house you love.

What’s more important, living close to work or the best schools? Big closets or a big yard? If you decide what matters most before you start looking, you’ll save time and find your new home quicker.

Now the fun begins! You can expect some negotiations between what you want to pay, and what the seller will accept. Your real estate professional will handle most if not all of this for you.

With PrimeLending, you have options. That means you can choose a loan based on your financial needs, long- and short-term plans, and more. Remember, we make it simple.
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